Tuesday, February 19, 2008



One of the more well known of the JB's albums
includes songs
Sampled by way too many artists to mention,

"The Grunt"
Chubb Rock - "The One"
MC Shan - "Juice Crew Law"
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "Soul Brother #1"
Pharcyde - "Officer"

Probably best known for its use in the public enemy songs Public Enemy - "Night of the Living Baseheads" Public Enemy - "Rebel Without a Pause" Public Enemy - "Terminator X to the Edge of Panic"

"Pass the Peas"
Heavy D - "The Overweight Lovers in the House"
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "One in a Million"
Pharcyde - "I'm That Type of Nigga"
Shante - "Have a Nice Day"
Souls of Mischief - "What a Way to Go Out"

"Gimme Some More"
Big Daddy Kane - "Wrath of Kane"
GangStarr - "Much too Much (Mack a Mil)"
Public Enemy - "Cold Lampin' with Flavor"
Public Enemy - "Power to the People"
Stetsasonic - "Miami Bass"

"Hot Pants Road"
Eric B and Rakim - "Move the Crowd"
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - "On the Strength"
Heavy D - "The Overweight Lovers in the House"
Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"

man.... just get the album...



Riesgo said...

Good lookin out on this man

Tim said...

Thanks for the treasure trove of funk! I have a 2 disc "best of" of the JBs, but these posts will fill in the gaps nicely. I'm especially excited about the Horny Horns album, which I've been looking for. Do you happen to have the other one? I forget the title offhand.

Thanks again!

Kevin said...

Wow Milk! You have truly outdone yourself here. I really dig the background info on where the samples were incorporated into hip-hop. Keep up the great work. I'm downloading all of these great cuts.

Peace, Kevin


Sly Hoax said...

Thanks for all the funky tunes!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Pass the Peas is sampled by Eric B. and Rakim on 'I Ain't No Joke' as well.

Doctor said...

I'm grateful because I really don't have the tome to rip all these albums.


Disambiguation said...

Many Thankz brother


vinyljunkie said...

yo! folks these records are easy to find! you dont no rips of this..reissue in every record shop and cheap...i got over maybe 50 records from james brown, the jbs and all the funky people...buy or die! this is essential for all hip hoppers, thats the source...
thanks to milkcrate for that other stuf...i am
vinyljunkie, a vinyl nerd from germany...
buy a turntable, save the culture!
peace out!

Anonymous said...

Another crisp biscuit!


Ali Boingo

Thomas said...

Thanks again my man...you always have what I need.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and btw did I say THANK YOU!! :)